[well][one_whole][tblock title=”SURVEILANCE SYSTEMS”/][accordiongroup ][accordion title=”CLOSE CIRCUIT CAMERA SYSTEM WITH MULTIPLE DVR CONFIGURATION” ]

AEEG provides complete close circuit camera system configured with multiple digital video recorders (DVR) used for surveillance in those areas which need to be monitored such as banks, airports, military installations, casinos and convenience stores.

[/accordion][accordion title=”FIRE ALARM PANELS” ]

AEEG supplies control panels for fire alarm control units to detect changes associated with fire detectors, their operational integrity for automatic control of equipment and transmission of information. This operates based on a predetermined sequence which protects the property and personnel in the event of a fire or an emergency.

[/accordion][accordion title=”ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS”]

AEEG provides access control systems to facilitate the selective restriction of access to the facilities and monitors resources which not only safeguards the property and data but also increases productivity.