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AEEG fabricates piping assemblies and spool pieces in its facility employing precision welding equipment. AEEG’s welding procedures comply with ASME B31.1 as well as B31.3 for a wide range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel and Cu-Ni.

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AEEG is experienced in fabrication and the installation of complex piping for industrial applications such as food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy & power and oil & gas. AEEG’s team of well experienced piping  & process engineers are capable of providing solutions for any process challenges. Highly skilled welders, fitters, quality assurance and quality control engineers help AEEG comply with industry requirements, and certified welding procedures as per the standards used in different parts of the world.

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AEEG is equipped to deliver the structural fabrication demanded by various applications which meet the design and testing specifications of each project. AEEG uses high quality and tested structural components  such as I-beams, angles, channels, flat bars, squares, rectangular and round tubing to fabricate each unique design.

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AEEG designs & manufactures all types of pipe supports which serve to safely transfer the load from the pipe to the supporting structures in order to maintain mechanical integrity. The loads include the self weight of the pipe, weight of the content the pipe carries as well as loads due to the thermal expansions & insulation.