[row][one_half][well][accordiongroup ][accordion title=”CHEMICAL INJECTION SYSTEMS” ]

AEEG manufactures and supplies custom-built injection systems for a broad range of process applications. The chemical injection systems are widely used in the chemical & petrochemical industries to prevent or eliminate a variety of problems such as corrosion, fouling, crystallization that might negatively affect the production flow and / or process.

[/accordion][accordion title=”FUEL GAS CONDITIONING SKIDS” ]

AEEG manufactures and supplies complete Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids for treating gas received from wells or gas gathering stations used in gas based power plants, reformers, or for any other application. These skids are designed to perform two main functions: [1] remove all liquid droplets and solid contaminants from the natural gas and other combustible gases and [2] adjust the gas temperature to the injection requirements prior to injecting into a critical process or gas turbine generator.

[/accordion][accordion title=”VACUUM SYSTEM SKIDS” ]

AEEG offers a comprehensive line of custom built energy efficient vacuum system skids, both wet & dry, extensively used in the oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, power and renewable energy sectors.

[/accordion][accordion title=”TWO / THREE PHASE SEPARATOR PACKAGES” ]2 3 phase seprt

AEEG specializes in meeting the critical needs of the petroleum industries and oilfield operations with an ability to supply skid mounted two or three phase separator packages. These packages consist of robustly engineered two and three phase separators capable of separating a wide range of crude mixtures into oil, water and gas phases.

[/accordion][/accordiongroup][/well][/one_half][one_half][well][accordiongroup ][accordion title=”WASTE HEAT RECOVERY UNITS” ]

AEEG’s waste heat recovery unit (WHRU) is a heat exchanger that recovers energy from hot streams with potentially high energy content. The examples of such streams are hot flue gases from the fired heaters, diesel generators and low or high pressure steam from steam turbines.

[/accordion][accordion title=”GAS / LIQUID METERING SKIDS” ]

AEEG is capable of offering different flow metering techniques in order to satisfy the unique needs of each client. AEEG makes use of the following different flow measuring devices for manufacturing gas and liquid metering skids based on the applications which offer benefits such as high load capacity, durability and low maintenance cost.
Ultrasonic Meters: Reduced uncertainty, high turndown, wide range of capacity, non-intrusive, low maintenance, fault tolerant (multi-path), suitable for wet gas.
Orifice Meters: Simple, proven design, relatively low cost, wide range of capacity, easy to install, relatively accurate, high pressure ratings.
Turbine Meters: Low cost, accurate, repeatable, high turndown, wide fluid range
Venturi Meters: Low pressure loss, low maintenance, proven technology, suitable for wet gas
Coriolis Meters: Direct mass flow measurement, accurate, reliable, no flow conditioning required, wide fluid range, less associated instrumentation
PD Meters: Wide range of flow rates and viscosities, proven technology

[/accordion][accordion title=”SEAL OIL SYSTEMS ALL API PLANS” ]Seal Oil System

AEEG designs, manufactures and supplies seal oil systems complying with API standards. Appropriate piping design done by AEEG’s team of well experienced process and piping engineers ensures mechanical seals are running cool and clean, which promotes safe handling of hazardous fluids, and extends the operational life of rotating equipment.

[/accordion][accordion title=”FILTRATION SYSTEMS” ]Filteration System

AEEG’s filtration systems are among the best in the industry which are designed to provide the most energy efficient and cost effective solution available today for a variety of applications.