[row][one_half][well][accordiongroup ][accordion title=”SOLVENT RECOVERY” ]Solvent Recovery

AEEG’s Solvent Recovery System can recover and recycle waste solvents back into product grade material in a cost-effective and efficient manner which benefits clients economically as well as protects the environment. AEEG has the ability to customize solvent recovery systems for the recovery of solvents and solvent by-products from:

        • Pharmaceutical Industries
        • Petrochemical Industries
        • Bulk Chemical Industries

[/accordion][accordion title=”JET FUEL RECOVERY” ]JET FUEL

AEEG has engineered a technique for recovering jet fuel from reclaimed waste jet fuel. AEEG’s process assures reliable performance with an emphasis on rugged durability and simplicity of maintenance. This system is constructed with quality components using stainless steel pipe work to ensure a long working life. This system also offers benefits like user friendly design, minimum potential for leakage and easy access to frequently changed parts.

[/accordion][accordion title=”GLYCOL RECOVERY” ]

AEEG’s Glycol Recovery System separates glycol from the additive package & other contaminants in an energy efficient & cost effective manner. The recovered glycol will also meet truck manufacturer’s specifications as per ASTM standards.

[/accordion][accordion title=”FUEL AND POTABLE ETHANOL DISTILLERIES” ]

AEEG’s process offers single source distillation, dehydration, drying & evaporation systems for producing Fuel and Potable Ethanol that supports cost competitive turnkey solutions from simple to highly integrated complex systems.

[/accordion][accordion title=”TWO AND THREE PHASE SEPARATORS” ]

AEEG specializes in the design and supply of  Two & Three Phase Separation Skids for effective two phase separation of the gas phase from liquid, and also for three phase separation of crude into gas, oil & water.

[/accordion][/accordiongroup][/well][/one_half][one_half][well][accordiongroup ][accordion title=”GAS SWEETENING UNITS” ]

AEEG’s Gas Sweetening Process removes part or all of the acid gas hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) from natural gas. This process is essential for natural gas to comply with sales gas specifications by meeting the norms set by statutory agencies. CO2 removal also helps to adjust the required range of gross calorific value (GCV) of natural gas as fuel.

[/accordion][accordion title=”LOBS (LUBE OIL BASE STOCK) RECOVERY” ]LOBS Recover

AEEG’s uniquely designed LOBS Recovery process consists of pre-treatment for removal of water and solid impurities and refining system to retrieve distillate as final product.The pre-treatment makes this system energy efficient and cost effective than the conventional processes. The distillate can be sold as Marine Diesel or sent further for purification.

[/accordion][accordion title=”LOBS (LUBE OIL BASE STOCK) PURIFICATION” ]LOBS Purif

Purification is the removal of contamination (solid, liquid or dissolved) and the return of an oil to a state where it can be re-used for its original purpose.

[/accordion][accordion title=”LUBE OIL SYSTEMS” ]

Lube oil systems are utilized in rotating process equipment to lubricate and cool hydrodynamic bearings. These systems are essential to the life and maintenance free operation of the process equipment. Dependable performance results in up time for equipment that increases profits for the process end user. AEEG’s conservative design and proper specifications minimize the possibility of failure and maximizes the potential for a long, trouble free service life of the rotating equipment.