AEEG works hard to integrate power & automation products that control the business process. AEEG designs & integrates DCS/PLC, SCADA to control both process & application. AEEG manufactures PLC/DCS panels, MCC panels & a variety of electrical panels, delivering an accurate solution for any process application.

[row][one_half][well][accordiongroup ][accordion title=”DCS (DISTRIBUTED CONTROL SYSTEM) / PLC (PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROL) PANELS ” ]DCS PLC Panel

AEEG’s DCS and PLC Panels are used to control manufacturing processes in continuous or batch mode such as oil refining, petrochemicals, power generation, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, food, cement, steel and heavy metal, machine automation and in the robotics sectors. AEEG’s in-house team of well experienced and focused control engineers develop customized control systems integrated with SCADA / HMI operating systems, as required by its clients.

[/accordion][accordion title=”MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS” ]MCC Panel

AEEG designs & manufactures MCC (Motor Control Center) panels for each unique application as required by its clients.

[/accordion][accordion title=”I/O PANELS” ]I O Panel

AEEG manufactures remote I/O panels used to establish communication in between central DCS/PLC control panels and instruments and which deliver extremely cost-effective control solutions in cases such as only  few inputs and outputs which are located in widely separated areas. Remote I/O panel communicates with all connected Instruments & transmits the signals through an I/O adapter over a communication network to DCS/PLC panels. AEEG makes use of ethernet, wireless internet, control net and device net as a communication platform.

[/accordion][accordion title=”DRY SEAL GAS PANELS FOR CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSORS” ]Dry Seal Gas Panel

AEEG designs & manufactures control panels for dry seal gas systems for large centrifugal compressors. The use of dry process gas in the sealing system instead of lubricating oils prevents extensive damage to the compressor and or process as there is no liquid used to facilitate the seal.

[/accordion][/accordiongroup][/well][/one_half][one_half][well][accordiongroup ][accordion title=”VARIETY OF ELECTRICAL PANELS” ]

AEEG is equipped to supply a variety of electrical panels such as power junction boxes, panels for local start stop of rotating equipment and UPS used in the process industry.

[/accordion][accordion title=”EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN SYSTEMS” ]emergency syst

AEEG offers an emergency shutdown solution to prevent the occurrence of hazardous situations and to initiate the safe shutdown of a plant. This system is made up of a combination of sensor, logic solver, and the final element to form a safety instrumented function (SIF). Each SIF is designed to prevent a specific hazard from occurring by reducing a certain amount of risk. The risk reduction equates to a safety integrity level (SIL). AEEG supplies emergency shutdowns using ESD push buttons to facilitate a particular equipment or part of the process to reach a safe state.


AEEG supplies complete grounding and lightning protection systems for various applications as per the requirement of its clients to protect the staff, structures as well as other buildings from damage due to the possibility high intensity voltage currents generated from malfunctioning electrical circuits and or lightning strikes.